The WISPR (Widefind Intelligent Subsurface Position Reference) system allows underground operations to pinpoint the position of all their assets. Offering increased insight into what is happening when it is happening.

In a world that is based upon information, the accuracy and age of the information is of utmost importance when making decisions. Which is why the WISPR™ system provides you with sub meter accuracy in real-time. So that your operation always is accurate and up to date.

Integration friendly

We understand the costs related to changing existing workflows and systems, which is why the WISPR™ system is made to be integrated. Meaning that once the system is up and running, we will not force you onto our platform or workflow, but instead, help you forward the insights into what is available at your operation.

Due to the modular container buildup of the WISPR™ Server, adding integrations or features to make your operation more up-to-date is easy and without risk. It also allows for the software to be run on-site, which reduces the risk for data-leaks and other common problems of remote servers and systems.

System Installation

The WISPR™ system is installed into your existing network infrastructure. The network requires nothing out of the ordinary and standard routing protocols allows the system to be installed into the site without configuring each unit by itself. Once the network is set up, installation is turn-key, where each WISPR™ Gateway will automatically connect and register itself onto the system at startup, providing for an easy and scaleable network infrastructure.