Advancing digitalization and automation
in underground operations.

Gain insight into your underground operation

We provide accurate real-time GPS-like positioning for underground environments that gives you the capability to continuously perceive the locations and movements of your machines and people, enabling you to introduce new solutions that increase the safety, productivity, and efficiency of underground operations.

Our solution is a system of software and hardware developed and engineered specifically for underground tunnel environments, and technologies selected for robust and reliable positioning of essential assets for production-critical applications.

We are on a quest to bring the benefits of

GPS to underground mines

How did your machines move today?

Utilize reliable positioning to find equipment quickly, manage traffic efficiently, adjust your use of ventilation, and track the flow of ore throughout your mine.

Where is your personnel right now?

Utilize reliable positioning to increase the safety of your people by improving your situational awareness and localizing your people quickly in case of an emergency.

How to succeed with underground digitalization and automation

”If you want to digitalize and automate your mine you need to do it in the same way as everywhere else. You start with connectivity and positioning services, which are the enablers for all other services and applications. You cannot do mine automation without first investing in them.

Boliden’s mine in Garpenberg is the most efficient underground zinc mine in the world, not because we are smarter or more hard-working than others, but because we have actively chosen to embrace and invest in new technologies.

Today, we have WiFi coverage across all our underground mines and WiFi-based positioning services that are much better than what has been in place before, which was nothing. However, we are continuously evaluating new communication technologies, and we would like to have positioning with much better accuracy.

What we want is sufficient capacity in our underground networks, and positioning accuracy of about one meter, because that would enable new applications and services that are currently not possible.”

– Peter Burman

Program Manager Mine Automation

Widefind WISPR™

Widefind WISPR™ is our positioning solution for underground mines, a system of hardware and software orchestrated together to provide highly accurate real-time position data from underground tunnel environments.

Our solution consists of three components: a positioning network for the mine, positioning tags for machines and people, and a positioning and management service.

Raw data is generated when WISPR Personnel Tags and WISPR Vehicle Tags communicate with WISPR Anchor Cables, which constitute the active component of the positioning network.

The raw data is transferred via WISPR Gateways and the communications infrastructure of the mine to the WISPR Server, which can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud.

On the WISPR Server, raw data is processed and accurate position data generated. The data is made available via REST and streaming APIs, which ensure easy integration with your existing systems and applications.

Why Widefind WISPR™?


Position data in (X,Y,Z) with down to centimeter-level accuracy, providing you with high-resolution insight.


Positioning data available up to 10 times per second, in an unbroken stream from your operations.


Position data that you can trust, even for the most demanding applications.