Widefind welcomes new chairman

At Widefind, we specialize in positioning solutions for complex industrial environments. Simply put, we offer GPS-like functionality where such systems do not work or are not good enough. Our solutions generate accurate, reliable, real-time data for our customers on where their assets are, how they are moving, and where they are relative to each other. Thus, we enable customers to manage operations for safety, efficiency, and productivity.

For the last 1.5 years, we have been developing a positioning system for underground mining operations. The mining industry is a tough environment that places high demands on the technology that is deployed there, a challenge that we appreciate. In this undertaking, we have collaborated with prominent companies such as Boliden and LKAB, and enjoyed the support of great organizations such as EIT RawMaterials, SIP STRIM, ABB SynerLeap, and Arctic Business.

Both in Sweden and abroad, substantial efforts are being made to meet the present and future challenges facing the mining community. The industry needs to find ways to increase the safety sustainability, efficiency, and productivity of its operations. At Widefind, we thoroughly believe that one of the keys to solving these challenges is accurate position and movement data. A company that shares this belief is LKAB, which is why they in Q1 2020 decided to invest in our solution.

During 2020, in addition to the collaboration with and delivery to LKAB, we have several ongoing projects and will be launching our solution for underground mining operations on the market. In this exciting time of growth, we have decided to strengthen our board with a new chairman.

It is our pleasure to welcome Niclas Tidström as the new chairman of Widefind’s board. Niclas has a solid background in heavy industry, has experience from international business, and has been working with us during 2019 as a business advisor.

We look forward to the continuation and deepening of our relationship with Niclas as we continue to expand our business both in Sweden and abroad. We are certain that Niclas’ knowledge, experience and network will contribute in a very positive way towards the growth of our company.

“I am very glad and honored to have been asked to become the chairman of Widefind’s board. We have already worked together for the past year, and I look forward with great anticipation to being part of the board and supporting the company’s growth together with the owners and the skilled and competent management team”
– Niclas Tidström

“We have an interesting time ahead of us together with Niclas. We are looking forward to deploying our solutions to help customers realise their visions for the future of mining. This applies for the Swedish market, as well as for other countries with an active mining industry”
– Kristoffer Ödmark, CEO