Widefind provides localization solutions to Horizon 2020 project AEROWORKS


Widefind is providing fast and realiable localization solutions to the Horizon 2020 project AEROWORKS that it is focusing in the field of aerial infrastructure inspection and maintenance based on autonomous aerial robots.

The AEROWORKS project has as main demonstration platforms the field of aerial inspection and demonstration of wind turbines and combustion chambers, however, the unique localization from Widefind can be directly applied to further real life applications, such as chimney inspection, dam inspection, power line inspection, building inspection (outdoors and indoors) and many many more.

A characteristic need in these type of applicatios is the need for a fast, reliable and accuracate localization information that Widefind is in full capability to provide. Finally it is worth to mention that AEROWORKS is one of the biggest projects in Europe in the field of aerial infrastcture inspection and the utilization of WideFinds solution is expecting to have a direct impact to the aerial robotics community.