WideFind's tunnel positioning demonstrated within SIMS Mining project

In March this year, WideFind's local positioning system has been utilized by Luleå university of technology (LTU) to demonstrate tunnel positioning for the SIMS Mining project. In the video, produced by the Control Engineering Group at LTU, WideFind’s positioning system is featured tracking vehicles, people, and drones.


For more information about the SIMS Mining project, please visit: https://www.simsmining.eu/


WideFind attends the Bergforsk- and STRIMdays

WideFind has attended the yearly Bergforsk- and STRIMdays conference where the Swedish mining industry and its stakeholders gather for presentations and discussions on a multitude of matters related to mining. Among other topics, the conference featured the current status of the Swedish R&D landscape, news on technological developments, and the sustainability and social acceptance of mining operations. Additionally, SIP STRIM and Svemin released an updated version of the strategic research and innovation road-map for the Swedish mining, mineral and metal producing industry.

Epiroc presenting current and future advances in smart mining

Epiroc presenting current and future advances in smart mining


WideFind attends GMG Forum Luleå

WideFind has attended a two-day forum organised by the Global Mining Guidelines Group at Luleå University of Technology. At the forum, issues such as autonomous mining, interoperability, and digital mines were discussed by prominent people from the mining industry. The event gathered industry representatives from all over the world. From the discussions at the forum it is evident that positioning technology can contribute substantially to the efficiency of mining operations and to the safety of miners.

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WideFind positioning enables unique field trials towards the autonomous aerial inspection of Wind Turbines

The positioning modules of WideFind have been the fundamental positioning infrastructure for enabling autonomous collaborative aerial inspection of a wind turbine at Skellefteå Kraft in Sweden. In the field trials the WideFind system has delivered positioning with an accuracy of a few centimeters, which enabled autonomous flying of the drones around the wind turbine. 


Such positioning solutions are ideal for areas or infrastructures that have no sufficient good visual features for allowing successful visual odometry on the drones, while this demonstration is among the few, if not the unique, in the field of real life flying of autonomous drones with reliable and fast accuracy of a few centimeters. 

WideFind provides positioning solutions for Horizon 2020 project AEROWORKS


WideFind is providing fast and reliable positioning solutions for the Horizon 2020 project AEROWORKS that it is focusing in the field of aerial infrastructure inspection and maintenance based on autonomous aerial robots.

The AEROWORKS project has as main demonstration platforms the field of aerial inspection and demonstration of wind turbines and combustion chambers, however, the unique positioning from WideFind can be directly applied to further real life applications, such as chimney inspection, dam inspection, power line inspection, building inspection (outdoors and indoors) and many many more.

A characteristic need in these type of applications is the need for fast, reliable and accurate position information that WideFind is fully capable to provide. Finally it is worth to mention that AEROWORKS is one of the biggest projects in Europe in the field of aerial infrastructure inspection and the utilization of WideFind’s solution is expecting to have a direct impact to the aerial robotics community.

WideFind wins idea competition organized by SIP STRIM and EIT RawMaterials North

WideFind has been awarded SEK 600 000 in an ideas competition organized by the Innovation program, SIP STRIM, and EIT RawMaterials North. A total of 17 companies brought forward their business ideas, which ranged from the Internet of Things and digitized mining, to environmental solutions.

The winning pitch focused on WideFind’s smart solutions for the mining industry. WideFind’s technology can be utilized to position machines, people, and equipment in a mining environment using local indoor (GPS like) positioning solutions.

WideFind invited to the NFA Conference in Norway


WideFind has been invited to talk about its innovative positioning technologies during one of the biggest industrial automation conferences in Norway, the NFA. The conference will take place between 15-16 of March, 2017. WideFind’s contribution will be on "UWB positioning for Industry 4.0". For a full program and more information on the conference please visit the NFA website.

WideFind Press Release @ Norrbottens Affärer (In Swedish)


WideFinds idé bär ända ut i rymden


- Det känns faktiskt rätt så coolt att får vara med i en rymdinkubator, säger Kristoffer Ödmark, vars idé ska få extra hjälp ut på marknaden. 


Kristoffer Ödmark, 26 och Emil Fresk, 27 har med sitt lokala GPS-system i företaget WideFind AB kvalat in bland så kallade rymdbolag med sin uppfinning. De är ett av de första åtta bolagen som kommit med i den nationella rymdsatsningen, ESA BIC Sweden.  


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