Rooted in world-class research

Widefind was founded by a team of researchers and engineers working in the Field Robotics group at the Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering of Luleå University of Technology.

Specifically, our founders were working to enable autonomous systems to operate in real-world complex environments.

Striving for excellency

Since the beginning, we have been developing and deploying sensing and perception solutions to enable new smart, automated and autonomous systems.

One of our very first projects was the Horizon2020 project AEROWORKS, in which our technology enabled flying drones to perform autonomous inspection of infrastructure such as wind turbines and a decomissioned nuclear reactor.

In the review phase, AEROWORKS received the highest score possible for a Horizion2020 project.

Engineers at heart

We have always been keen to take on new challenges and seek to overcome them. The process of exploring a problem and applying knowledge and technology to solve it is where we thrive, and we love to work with people that feel the same way.

One of our most exciting projects was when we had the opportunity to work with a Fortune 100 company to develop new innovative concepts for one of their world-leading brands.

In this project, different but like-minded people from both companies came together, collaborated and utilized cutting-edge technology to create something entirely new.

Tackling problems below ground

From our background at LTU, Sweden’s leading university for applied research in mining and metallurgy, we know that mining is an exciting industry with unique and important challenges.

In underground mining, one problem is that there is a lack of accurate information about where things are located. This lack of information is an obstacle for mining companies looking to increasingly automate processes and tasks, and make use of autonomous systems.

To tackle this problem, Widefind has developed a solution for accurate real-time GPS-like positioning in underground mines – Widefind WISPR™.

Widefind WISPR™ gives customers the capability to continuously perceive the locations and movements of machines and people, and enables new applications that increase the safety, productivity, and efficiency of underground operations.

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Meet the management team

  • Kristoffer Ödmark
  • CPO / Founding Partner

    Kristoffer holds a M.Sc. in Engineering Physics and Electrical Engineering from Luleå University of Technology, is specialized in embedded systems, and has experience from working with various wireless sensor systems (e.g. the AEROWORKS project).
  • Emil Fresk, PhD
  • CTO / Founding Partner

    Emil holds a PhD in Control Engineering from Luleå University of Technology, is specialized in robotics and positioning, and has experience from development of advanced positioning algorithms (e.g. the AEROWORKS and SIMS projects).
  • Markus Sjölund
  • CEO / Partner

    Markus holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Luleå University of Technology, is specialized in innovation and strategic business development, and has experience from roles in business development and sales.

Meet our supporters