WideFind AllFinder™

WideFind is a provider of real-time positioning solutions aiming to increase the safety and efficiency of industrial environments, such as underground mining operations.


 The WideFind AllFinder™ system is a RTLS (Real-Time Location System) consisting of spots, gateways, and a backend, that collects and aggregates position data.

system overview.PNG

The system can be integrated with existing software and platforms for management and visualization. For example, integration with traffic management tools can provide increased capability to avoid traffic congestion in critical locations such as underground tunnels.


WideFind’s system provides accurate position information that can be utilized to enhance existing solutions for navigation and positioning, such as dead reckoning and visual sensors.

In addition to improving the safety of such solutions, the system also enables tracking of real-time progress in industrial processes.


Additionally, the AllFinder™ spots can be used for providing accurate proximity and direction data, and can therefore be utilized for CAS (Collision Avoidance Systems). The system provides information about the location of vehicles and personnel relative to each other which, by integration with vehicles’ onboard computers, can be used to trigger automated events such as limitations to speed or complete stops.


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